Many of us have been to museums where we could interact with the exhibits. But making the exhibits accessible globally through the Internet? Now, that’s something that Google would think of. And they have.

Displayed at the London Science Museum, Google Chrome Web Lab was five distinct interactive installations, two of which were powered by Influxis: Teleporter and Universal Orchestra.

And one in particular was a blast to roll out. Universal Orchestra was an eight-piece percussion instruments connected to the Internet, so the visitors at the museum and those online can “collaborate” and create music together in real-time. The installation was also live streamed for the world to see.

For this creative digital project, our custom streaming network solution included a global low latency mesh network centralized from Amsterdam that enabled perfectly synced web-connected instrument playing among eight players from all over the world. This custom network was also configured and load-tested to handle an extreme number of concurrent live streaming viewers.

For more information about this project, CLICK HERE.

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