If  Sam Laird of Mashable’s recent report “College Sports League to Stream Its Content Online” is of any indication, live streaming will be hitting U.S. colleges big time. When you simply compare the number of college teams (120+) versus professional teams (30 ~40, depending on the league), it’s quite clear where the opportunity lies. So, as the college leagues plan to own and operate their own streaming content platforms, let’s look a little deeper into what live streaming can really do.

Today’s live streaming is much more than just feeding live videos for the audience to passively watch. It offers interactive elements like never before to engage them in various active ways. How about the 360-cam live streaming? Or, multi-cam live streaming? You can also integrate real-time social chats during games. And for the diehard fans, you can even create a real-time interactive stat board. All these interactive elements help differentiate the live streaming experience from the traditional broadcasting experience.

With the 360-cam live streaming, you can allow the viewers to pan 360 degrees of the live video feed just with the control of a mouse. Your audience no longer has to wonder what’s going on outside the screen of the video player. They can simply move the cursor over and see everything as if they are actually there, offering a truly immersive web experience.

Multi-cam live streaming allows the audience to choose what they want to watch by simply selecting one of the video players available on the website. Recently, Chrysler sponsored the three-cam live streaming of the BET Music Awards that allowed viewers to choose whether to watch the red carpet, the limo arrivals or the backstage party. What’s more impressive was that all three video feeds were generated by cameramen wearing portable live streaming backpacks. These backpacks encoded the feeds from attached camcorders and delivered them via the available broadband on the fly, allowing a dynamic real-time web viewing experience. You can imagine this would be great for allowing fans to watch the game, the reporters, the cheerleaders or the band and the crowd at any point they choose.

Real-time social chats are a great enhancement to live streaming because it naturally invites the viewers to participate in the experience by chatting whatever’s on their mind with the entire audience of the live streaming event. The college sports fans can chime in on players and plays via social chats as they watch the game live on their favorite media devices, making it more of a social experience than simply a spectator’s experience.

And with a private streaming cloud, you would get your very own “stand-alone” secure media server network in the cloud which offers robust scalability and solid content security for all live streaming events. So, whether there are hundreds or tens of thousands of viewers, the college leagues can provide a smooth viewing experience to each and every fan on any screen or device.

From small local teams to nationally ranked teams, any college athletic program can engage the widest possible audience through the Internet with these cutting edge live streaming technologies. Let the games begin!

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