Oskar Garcia of Associated Press recently broke the news that CBS Sports will be opening its fantasy sports platform to third-party developers soon. According to the article, the fantasy sports is an $800 million industry, and with this new open platform, this number will undoubtedly rise, and developers will definitely reap the benefits.

Now, the challenge for developers is figuring out the whats and hows. What applications will enhance and enrich the fantasy sports players’ experiences? How to develop these applications in the most efficient and cost-effective ways?

As far as the whats are concerned, you can let your creativity go wild. But when you’re thinking about the hows, here’s an idea. Union Cloud.

It’s a development platform with powerful and easy-to-use API and scalable cloud architecture for large-scale connected applications. As the website says, “You create connected content and interface with JavaScript/HTML5 or Adobe Flash. Then you optionally implement server-side logic with JavaScript or Java modules, and upload those modules to your Union Cloud instance. To deploy, simply point your client code to your instance, and you’re done!”

So turn your ingenious napkin sketch of the most amazing fantasy sports application into reality.

What do you think of Union Platform software? Any other application development platforms or solutions? Share your experience with us.

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