“Influxis has been a wonderful partner and as Yamaha continues to push the tech boundaries, they always jump to the occasion and help us make it happen. In the past, we focused on the 100,000 viewers, 200,000 viewers, etc. It has been wonderful to see that not only are impressions there, but engagement is as well.”

- Jeff Hawley, Director, Customer Experience Group,
Yamaha Corporation of America

About the project

Yamaha expands their concert streaming to include mobile and showcases “web-robotics” pianos at the 2011 Newport Music Festival


Yamaha Corporation of America wanted a high definition mobile video streaming solution and a low-latency, 100%-reliable media server hosting for their premiere of Yamaha Disklavier RemoteLive technology at the 2011 Newport Music Festival.


Influxis provided:

  • Live event streaming
  • Dedicated support
  • Application development consulting
  • Encoding
  • Mobile streaming
  • Special server-side delay and integrations with the Yamaha RemoteLive system


100 ~ 200% increase in the audience reach through mobile streaming
Yamaha successfully delivered live high definition video streaming of the Newport Music Festival (July 4 ~ 24) online and to iOS mobile devices such as iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. This addition of mobile streaming resulted in the online viewership exceeding the physical audience at the festival. On top of the 100 ~ 200% increase in the audience reach, Yamaha’s proprietary Paragon analytics showed long audience view times, indicating that the online audience was not only viewing but engaged in the broadcast.

Also, Yamaha built a mobile-optimized landing page that included a geo-tracking leaderboard of viewers and a Twitter livestream. And Influxis’ live chat console provided an interactive environment for the online viewers to engage in.

Premiere of Disklavier RemoteLive technology, enabling “remote performances”
Influxis’ low-latency, 100%-reliable media server hosting enabled Yamaha to showcase their Disklavier RemoteLive technology at the festival. This new state-of-the-art technology within Yamaha’s Disklavier pianos allowed for streaming of MIDI data along with video. A pianist performed on a Disklavier piano at the festival, and the key stroke data (MIDI data) was streamed to other Disklavier pianos at remote locations. These pianos were then played “robotically” in real-time while the live streaming of the pianist’s performance was shown on the TV screens, offering an extraordinary hybrid digital and acoustic concert event at these locations.

Also on August 2, 2011, using this Disklavier RemoteLive technology, the legendary pianist Mike Garson, best known for playing for David Bowie, performed a Gershwin medley at the Yamaha Headquarters in Los Angeles, California, for the audience eagerly seated at Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And it was covered by a TIME reporter: http://techland.time.com/2011/08/05/watch-david-bowies-pianist-perform-live-using-internet-connected-pianos/.