For three days during this holiday season, Scentcicles and Balsam Hill sponsored their first ever digital Christmas tree decorating event to raise money for Toys for Tots with the goal of $20,000. The online viewers logged in with their Facebook information and waited in a queue to control a special robot via the Web that dropped colorful ornaments with hooks onto a rotating Christmas tree. Each time when an ornament successfully landed on the tree, $5 was donated to the charity. At the end of the event, The Communitree passed its goal and raised $21,330.

For this special event, we provided a dedicated Wowza Media Server for live streaming. The video streaming was delivered to not only computers but also mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and Android tablets and phones. During the development and deployment of this live interactive web-robotics project, our 24/7 technical support was available for troubleshooting any streaming issues.

“Overall, we were extremely happy with your service level and product…You guys took the time to understand our potential needs, and suggest something that was both inexpensive and effective…We did not have any issues during the live event, and would definitely use Influxis again for future projects…Having a quality live stream is critical for viewers who are interacting online, and the streaming services provided by Influxis ensured that there were no glitches or interruptions in the experience,” said Kristin Petty, Director of Accounts at Deeplocal.

On top of the money raised for Toys for Tots, the event enjoyed more than 12,000 visits from 62 countries around the world.