Calling itself the first social TV everywhere provider, SimulTV is revolutionizing the TV business with its real-time on-screen interactive streaming technology.

SimulTV is a subscription-based online service that enables the subscribers to watch live and VOD content, from Home Shopping Network to Sidney Poitier’s In the Heat of the Night anytime and anywhere in the world with any web-enabled devices. But what truly separates SimulTV from other content streaming services is its real-time interactivity, such as live video chat and social media that are embedded right into the content. Unlike other second-screen interactive experiences, SimulTV allows the viewers to interact with other viewers without taking their eyes off of the content that they are sharing together. All the interactions, whether video/voice/text-chatting, Facebook posting or tweeting, happen within the viewing environment.

To deliver its interactive content worldwide, SimulTV depends on Influxis’ global custom streaming network. With its 12 years of streaming experience, Influxis ensures that the video streaming infrastructure meets all the requirements of SimulTV through custom encoding and transcoding media servers and CDN. SimulTV is also working on bringing the new cutting edge WebRTC technology to its next generation of real-time on-screen interactive features with the help of Influxis’ WebRTC initiative called XirSys.

SimulTV currently offers various live programming and VOD movies and TV shows, and it continues to expand its content. It currently offers various live programming and VOD movies and TV shows, and continues to expand its content. SimulTV content is licensed worldwide, which enables subscribers to access SimulTV from anywhere on the world.

Taking a whole new approach to the second-screen experience, SimulTV is more than a content provider. It’s “the next generation of the first fully social interactive online television”.