“We felt like having a partnership with Influxis was the key solution to streaming on the PlayStation Home network. Without Influxis, we would have had a much harder time satisfying the client’s request.”

Hogan Carter, Video Engineering Coordinator
Premiere/NEP for Sony


Sony needed to deliver the live streaming of their press conference at E3 2011 directly to PlayStation 3 game consoles, using the PlayStation Home interface.


Influxis provided:

  • Live event streaming
  • Dedicated technical support team
  • Mobile streaming
  • Dedicated Wowza Media Server managed hosting


Live streaming directly to PlayStation 3 consoles

During E3 2011, viewers were able to watch the live streaming coverage of Sony’s press conference from inside the PlayStation Home interface, a virtual world where PlayStation 3 users can interact in a virtual social environment. The interface is nuanced and has very precise specifications for streaming live content. Premiere / NEP approached Influxis with this project and within a few days, they had a completely successful test stream inside the Home environment. This was possible thanks to the robust Wowza Media Server support provided by Influxis along with the dedicated technical support throughout testing and the actual event.

Smooth fluid streaming

From the first few minutes of testing, Premiere/NEP could tell that the services provided by Influxis would be a success. In prior testing, without Influxis, the stream had stuttering issues. However, when they tested it with Influxis, the stream was smooth and fluid without any hiccups or stutters. Also, historically, Sony had always hesitated to stream on the PlayStation Home network because of the specific requirements needed to stream inside Home’s virtual online environment. After the successful event, the Sony team had numerous follow-up emails because they were so impressed with the quality of the services provided by Influxis.

Instant scalability for reliable streaming

Even when the stream requests exceeded initial server capacity, the Influxis support team acted quickly and immediately increased capacity to meet the viewer demand. This alone was a symbol of success because the stream worked so well on the Home network that it became far more popular than anyone could have imagined.

More than a million viewers

According to CNN, this live streaming helped increase the number of viewers dramatically. Compared to last year, Sony said it had “more than a million watching the company’s press conference” in an emailed statement. (How Game Companies Brought E3 News to Gamers’ Homes by Mark Milian, CNN, June 14, 2011)