To promote its new 2014 Range Rover Sport, Land Rover launched an ambitious immersive online marketing campaign where online users could interact in real-time with a short film prominently featuring the SUV. Aptly named “Race The Sun”, the full screen HD video told the narrative of a protagonist skillfully driving his Range Rover Sport around various obstacles. An online user could choose to simply watch the film or could sync up his smartphone with the film and “got to actively follow along the adventure”.

At the beginning of the film, the website on the desktop prompted the user to sync his smartphone by providing a unique short URL. Once the user input this on his smartphone’s native browser, the desktop and the smartphone were automatically synced, and the fun began.

As the film progressed in its full cinematic splendor, the user could use his smartphone to follow the different types of “game patterns”, such as changing gears, selecting which wheel to put more torque, etc., that were cleverly overlayed on the film. Although, the user input did not affect the outcome of the film, it was quite entertaining to interact with the film in this way. At the end of the film, the game score was given in percentages, depending on how closely the user was able to follow the game patterns.

Land Rover leveraged the power of Node.js for the desktop-smartphone synchronization, and Influxis provided Node Cloud, its cloud-based Node.js server hosting, along with expert technical support. The seamless game play was possible due to this popular JavaScript-based WebSocket protocol, that enabled a two-way ongoing connection between a browser and a server.

On the client side, PointRoll provided a robust online ad platform that worked as a gateway to this one-of-a-kind Land Rover experience at

In parity with Land Rover’s luxury brand image, this live interactive streaming project provided a sleek high-quality immersive brand experience for online users.

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