“Someone always called us right back or was immediately available for any technical questions or solves. Overall, a fantastic value for our business needs and a pleasure to work with.”

Tony Tung, VP/Group Executive Producer
CP+B for Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza needed an interactive system that captured the video of its Times Square Tracker Billboard, where customer comments were displayed, and generated a unique URL for each comment, which was then automatically sent to the respective customer for online viewing.


Influxis provided:

  • Dedicated Wowza Media Server hosting
  • Custom video player development
  • Live streaming
  • Technical and customer support


Live from Times Square

The Domino’s Pizza customers were able to post their comments when they placed orders online, and these comments along with their photos were fed to the Tracker Bilboard at Times Square. Our dedicated Wowza Media Server was then used to live stream it from across the street for online viewing.

Automatically generating a unique URL for a time stamped video feed

An API tied to the database was developed to set and retrieve a time stamp for each customer comment video feed, and a URL containing this specific time stamp was sent to the respective customer’s email.

Time stamp specific video viewing

Once the URL was received, the customer was able to view the on-demand video of his/her photo and comment as they were displayed on the Tracker Billboard. This was accomplished through a customized video player that was able to read, seek and play the video segment with a specific time stamp.

Media buzz

This interactive marketing campaign generated quite the buzz in the media, and according to The Realtime Report, the results were impressive:

  • Half a million passerby views
  • 80% positive customer comments
  • 20% “constructive” customer comments