What’s the best way to show the freshness of a pizza? By showing it being made live! It was this simple, yet effective concept that powered Domino’s Pizza’s recent online project: Domino’s Live.

Five IP cameras were set up at a Domino’s Pizza location in Salt Lake City to display the entire pizza-making process via a 12-hour-a-day uncut live stream. In fact, a customer could call in an order and actually watch online his or her pizza being made from start to finish. And at the end, the customer could even activate the “Like Light” using his favorite social media login, and it would display his name on a LED reader board in the store.

For this unique live streaming project, Influxis ingested and transcoded these live streams to RTMP for Flash desktop viewers and HLS for mobile platforms, to maximize the reach of the campaign. Influxis also provided transrating of these live streams into different bitrates to accommodate various Internet connection environments, enabling an optimized viewing experience regardless of the Internet speed. With a custom network configuration and thorough pre-campaign testing, Influxis ensured reliable live streaming delivery throughout the entire campaign.

The project was featured on many tech news media outlets and was even mentioned by some of the famous late night talk show hosts. Freshness? Domino’s Pizza made sure they delivered on it with Domino’s Live.