You’re an electronic music producer. You own a one-of-a-kind, Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari, which is aptly nicknamed Purrari. And you’re an official Gumballer for 2014 Gumball 3000, an infamous international supercar rally where uber-rich racers pay a $55,000 entry fee, show off their wheels and “party like it’s 1999” along the way.

Now, how would you top that?

If you’re Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5, you would do the first-ever, live, multi-day, in-car, 360-degree streaming!

With the help of Realtime Immersion’s (RTi) immersive 360-degree video technology, LiveU’s cellular-based live video uplink solution, and Influxis’ robust live streaming network, Deadmau5 invited his online fans into his Ferrari as he drove the 8-day supercar rally from Miami to Ibiza. A simplistic looking, yet sophisticated RTi Hummingbird camera rigged to the dashboard offered an unprecedented 360-degree view of the cockpit. It was then connected to LiveU’s LU70 field unit that bonded 14 cellular modems to provide wireless connectivity with the Internet throughout the rally. Influxis then took this video feed and delivered it worldwide to all media devices through its global media server network. On behalf of Deadmau5, Influxis also project-managed every aspect of the live streaming event, from pre-production to wrap.

The entire 8-day route consisted of Miami, Daytona, Atlanta, Charlotte, New York City, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Paris, Circuit D’Albi, Barcelona and Ibiza. The in-car video was live streamed to Deadmau5’s exclusive social media platform powered by Upfront. The online fans digitally panned, tilted and zoomed on the proprietary 360-degree video player, for a unique immersive viewing experience which was viewable on both web and mobile. They also got to social-chat in real-time as they watched the live streaming.

Deadmau5’s frank, and many times funny, interactions with his co-pilot, Tory Belleci from the hit TV series MythBusters, were addictively entertaining, especially in this new 360-degree live stream. As with his other creative endeavors, Deadmau5 once again proved to be a trailblazer, showing how to be the ultimate Gumballer with the ultimate streaming technologies.