Being the official beer sponsor of National Football League, Bud Light knows football fans. So, to celebrate the Monday Night Football fans’ superstitious game day rituals, Bud Light created the “Superstitions Machine” for the 2013 NFL season.

It was an elaborate gantry system that online viewers would control by voting for the teams in that night’s matchup. The Machine was the main attraction of the live streaming talk show that preceded each night’s game, as it hovered over the two hosts seated in recliners in a living room setting, ready to interact with whatever the Machine brought on. The hosts made hilarious small talk about football and cheered on their teams leading up to gametime as fans voted for their favorite team.

The online votes were tallied in real-time, and every time a certain number of votes were collected, the Machine moved accordingly to the winning team’s side and performed “that week’s superstitious ritual”.  For instance, “knocking on wood” which featured a giant metal fist that smashed a wooden board placed next to the winning team’s host. In addition, the online viewers interacted with the hosts and even suggest rituals for future shows by using the hashtag #BudLightLive.

AKQA, in partnership with Deeplocal, designed and built the Machine, and Influxis provided the entire live streaming infrastructure for these Web-connected robotics events broadcasted in real-time from Deeplocal’s Pittsburgh studio. It began with an all-day live streaming takeover of the homepage on the first day of the NFL season and continued on for the following 16 weeks, covering every Monday Night Football game.

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