Ricca Racing does its first live in-car streaming at 150 mph with Influxis’ Flash Media Interactive Server hosting.

Company: Ricca Racing (www.riccaracing.com)

Ricca Racing Contact: Matt Espinoza, Chief Technology Officer

Influxis Contact: Grant Garrett, VP of Global Business Development (Twitter: @influxisgrant)

The video camera aboard the race car to stream the video live.
The video camera aboard the race car to stream the video live.


  • Ricca Racing, a subsidiary of 240SXMotoring, needed a reliable streaming host to distribute the live audio/video stream coming out of their race car. It had to be cost effective and customizable to their needs with a no-nonsense solution in addition to top-notch customer support. The landscape of Redline Time Attack is fast paced and unpredictable so proven reliability is a must. This all went down at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Melville on April 10 ~ 11.
  • The connection to the FMS server needed to be straight forward and able to recover quickly from rapid connects and disconnects since the live streaming location was switched rapidly between the car and the pit during the race.


  • Influxis provided FMS hosting and application development consulting along with custom server-side scripting support, which enabled Ricca Racing to develop this project rapidly.
  • Influxis also provided customer support throughout the project development and implementation.  Since this wasn’t an off the shelf solution ““ the scope of the project couldn’t be defined. Working closely with Ricca Racing, Influxis was able to keep the project moving with quick solutions to their needs.
  • Ricca Racing utilized its own purpose-built and completely solid state streaming computer made from the smallest parts with enough horsepower to handle the encoding and upstream. With a setup consisting of a high-quality onboard camera and a microphone selected specifically for its sturdy construction and its ability to record high sound pressure levels they were able to capture the experience of being in the passenger seat of a race car.
  • After much testing at the track, Ricca Racing was able to dial in the bitrates and feed the live streaming media content to the FMS server via a 3G broadband connection at 356 kbps.


  • Ricca Racing was able to live-stream its Super Modified division win with 100% reliability.
  • The streaming switch between the car and the pit was seamless, and the automated boot cycle of the on-board computer had no issue connecting to the server every time before publishing the stream.
  • Ease of use with Flash Media Live Encoder enabled Ricca Racing to make adjustments to bitrates and audio/video levels right at the track.
  • Throughout the live streaming, Influxis provided intuitive analytics for benchmarking purposes for future live streaming projects.
  • Influxis provided excellent customer service and FMS expertise required for the complexity of the project.

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