You’ve spent the past few months nurturing a new idea in the recesses of your mind. Your excitement for your new project leaves you unable to have more than a few hours of continuous sleep at night. You want to launch the newest, coolest site/app but… where to begin?!

Development can be daunting: project managers, programmers, quality controllers, beta testers, copyright, patents, and all of the intricacies involved may have you perpetually postponing, or even retiring your project from your workbench—for good. We know launching a new idea can be perplexing, and that’s why Influxis has taken monumental steps this year, 2013, to help you turn your ideas into tangible production.

We want to develop your project and we have some of the best resources for the execution; that’s no understatement. I can’t even begin to list our library of languages or skill sets. Instead, I’ll say if you can dream it, we’ll develop it. We can help you with websites, APIs, UIs, databases, platforms, and everything in between.

Adobe / Wowza media servers (AMS & WMS)

Many of our clients love the veteran AMS (formerly FMS) and WMS platforms, and our development teams are well-equipped to create both simple and sophisticated applications for these systems.

Influxis Collaboration Service (ICS)

With our new ICS platform, the possibilities for customization are vast, and we’ve dedicated a masterful team to focus solely on ICS-related development.


We know that WebRTC is one of the hottest and most disruptive technologies on the web, and we’ve got a highly skilled team ready to tackle your next RTC project. and

We love hearing about our clients’ interest in platforms like Union and Node.js and their use for real-time collaborative applications. Our talented developers know how important cross-platform support is, which is why they’re prepared to assist with frameworks for AMS, JavaScript, and HTML5 apps with the Union and Node.js platforms.

We have no shortage of creative web developers who would love to create and deploy your widget or microsite, create a workflow for you, and even build an entire streaming platform from scratch. Our extensive experience and codebase in innovative streaming is what makes anything possible. We’re proud of our streaming arsenal and we know that customized development solutions make our streaming solutions all the more effective. Influxis is dedicated to developing for you and your team, so let us know where you’d like to take your new idea and we’ll work closely with you every step of the way.


Michael Kashiktchian

tel. 661-645-3237
skype: michael.influxis
twitter: @InfluxisMichael

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