“At the beginning of the Bistri project, we used our own instance on Amazon EC2, but it was really time consuming to maintain. Then we moved to Influxis. Since that day, we have a really good and efficient support…”

- Arnaud Budkiewicz, CEO



Bistri wanted to launch its first ever “open video chat” where people are able to video chat immediately via BistriLink without any download installation or configuration. It required a reliable and robust peer-assisted media server network to save on bandwidth usage and costs and ultra low latency for speedy, no-lag connectivity regardless of the number of simultaneous users.


Influxis provided:

  • Custom P2P (Peer-to-Peer) hosting network built on the Adobe Flash Media Enterprise Server (FMES) which uses RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol)
  • 24/7/365 managed technical support


  • Talk to friends immediately

People can sign in with their Facebook or Google accounts and get their own BistriLink instantly, publishing their presences and moods immediately. They can also use existing contacts on Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger, Google Talk, etc. to video call friends instantly with a single click, powered by Influxis’ hosted FMES.

  • Reliable and resourceful support

In addition to Influxis’ expert technical support, they also provided easy-to-use administration controls through the Influxis Wizard, an intuitive file manager and useful analytics.

  • Cost-effective pricing plan

Influxis’ custom FMES plan enabled Bistri to just pay for what they used in FMS connections, and this flexible price offer was perfect for a startup like Bistri as they anticipated continued growth for the future.

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