Paul Gregoire, a friend of Influxis and fellow developer has created a new Android and Blackberry Playbook application called Broadcaster Pro.  This is an Air Application that will allow you broadcast an RTMP live stream from your mobile device.  In this Labs post we will show you how to get the application set up and begin streaming.

To setup the Broadcaster you will want to purchase the application from the Android Market or Blackberry App World to your mobile device.  Once this is done launch the application and navigate to “Settings.”


In the settings view, all you need is a “URL” path which is the rtmp path to your account, and a “Stream Name”.  Your viewer will have to match these for it to play the stream.

There are also other features in “Settings” for Camera and Microphone.  These let you modify things like quality, frames per second (fps), width and height, as well as Rate and Gain for the audio.


Once you have entered the required url path and stream name, and have adjusted the settings to your liking, press “Save” at the top right of the screen.

To begin publishing, first press the “Connect” Button, and then the “Publish” button and the application will begin publishing.

We have set up the Broadcaster Pro to work and stream with our Influxis OSMF Player and it streams great.

For more information on how to set this up with our Influxis Player please refer to our Labs post titled “Influxis OSMF Player and Live Streaming.”

~ Curt

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