Hey Matt, what’s up? What’re you working on?
Right now I am in the middle of deploying Influxis Cloud 2.0. So it’s a busy and exciting time.

Awesome! So how long have you been working on Influxis Cloud 2.0?
It’s been in development since the launch of Influxis Cloud 1.0, which includes over a year of planning, researching and designing streaming cloud software.

What does the Influxis Cloud 2.0 actually do?
It allows us to provide a next generation type of service for our customers – a service level agreement that reflects our commitment to be the best and provides a solution for our customers, for them to be their best. The Cloud 2.0 will reflect the passion of the employees and the vision of the company.

What vision is that?
The vision I am referring to is fairly simple, actually. The vision is to be our very best, giving all of our energy and passion to make next-generation solutions. This encompasses all aspects of the business, and our Infrastructure is certainly no exception. For our Infrastructure specifically, the vision is that it is always available, providing instant communication anywhere in the world while hosting the complex systems of the future that will power even the future iterations of online media, both interactive and not.

Nice! Now how long have you been working with Influxis?
I have been working with Influxis since Valentine’s day 2011 – just over 3 years now, and boy it has been a wild ride.

So it was love at first sight?

What’s been wild about it?
What’s been so wild about it is the discoveries I’ve made about my own abilities. No company could have given me the resources, responsibility, trust and attention needed to flex my muscles and grow into the employee I am today. When I think of how, when I started here, I did not even know what a Media Server was to mastering that and more at a level that would propel Influxis to solidify it’s real-time capabilities and create a network that would rival and exceed the performance of Amazon and other public clouds. It truly has been a wild ride and I’m certainly far from falling off this crazy bull!

Sounds like both you and Influxis definitely have a bright future. So from not knowing much about media servers, how did you get into the role of director of technology?
I got into the role I’m in now by taking to heart the values of the company and investing my own passion into the business. I enabled network optimizations that allowed us to achieve zero network latency communications for the first time. This technology would later be used by Google UK, Konami, and many other brands and digital agencies to get a first-of-a-kind, unique, no-latency experience across vast oceans and distances. Even a few months ago, we were able to stream a 1080p holographic feed from Los Angeles, CA to Seoul, South Korea and back with no perceivable delay.

That’s awesome!
After discovering and inventing these solutions, it really ignited my passion to do more and even further provide an unparalleled experience for our customers. This is what led to the development of the Influxis Cloud 1.0 which was released on October 1st, 2012.

It’s really evident that you’re a truly passionate guy. This company is perfect for someone like you.
Absolutely, this company is perfect for me. This is a perfect place for me to grow and put my passion in action.

>>Stay tuned for part 2 next week

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