Flash, HTML 5, Cupertino, HLS, San Jose, HDS, RTMP. The buzzwords and the this vs. that contention continues; I don’t intend to intervene in any way. Instead, today’s topic is a celebration of some new developments in the streaming world. Influxis is also entering new and exciting territory in its ever evolving journey.

I’d like to shed light on the new Media Server platform that Adobe has just released: Adobe Media Server 5 Professional (AMS 5). The term “Flash Media Server” (FMS) is now a historical relic, as Adobe acknowledges the forward march of technology, knowing well that competition may weaken Flash’s domination on the current market. An upgrade from the previous FMS 4.5, the new AMS 5 is more than just a new name.

Many of us looking for streaming solutions have been seeking out a highly secure solution for streaming. Hospitals implementing a HIPAA compliant patient-to-doctor meeting system, educational services using streaming technology to teach, or individuals looking to protect their business ideas should take a peek at AMS 5. Protected HLS Streaming (PHLS) is a new feature unique to AMS 5 that secures content for Apple’s mobile devices. Similar to DRM, the new PHLS offers solid protection without the logistics, clunkiness, or the price tag of ordinary DRM licensing & servers.

For our P2P lovers, AMS 5 Extended is the new Flash Media Enterprise Server. It’s perfect for users who expect thousands of simultaneous connections and want to save on bandwidth costs. AMS 5 Extended takes advantage of local users’ connections by using the standard methods of multicast handshakes between users, a feature for which P2P is renowned. If you’re thinking about any kind of conferencing (desktop or mobile) or Session-Initiation communication (SIP), AMS 5 Extended is unparalleled.

The best part about these developments is that Influxis is one of the first service providers to host AMS 5. As I write this post, we are currently working to implement AMS 5 Extended on all of our servers, both shared and dedicated. This means our current and future clients using our shared services will have access to a centralized mobile delivery platform that allows for streaming to both desktop and mobile devices from one place. Our dedicated customers will continue to enjoy the HLS/HDS services, this time with AMS 5 Extended.

Until next time, keep streaming.

Michael Kashiktchian (michael@influxis.com)

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