Robotics are cool. But when it’s Web-connected robotics, it’s even better. This week, quite a few tech news media outlets have been lit up with San Pellegrino’s “Three Minutes In Italy” project, where Facebook users control a robot via the Web and stroll through the rustic village of Taormina, Sicily, to mingle with the locals.

San Pell 2

With the help of Ogilvy NY and Deeplocal, San Pellegrino deployed two robots on wheels with tablets on top displaying Facebook users’ faces. Facebook users get a turn to control the wheeled robots for three minutes, and there’s even an accompanying English/Italian translation service to help in spontaneous conversations with the locals.

San Pell 3

To read more about this project, you can go to these pages:

San Pell 4

So, if the cross-Atlantic trip to Italy is out of your reach, you now have a super high-tech way to at least get a glimpse of the picturesque lifestyle in Sicily. Bravo, San Pellegrino!

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