Last week, thousands of entertainment and tech industry professionals came together at The Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey to discuss about the future of entertainment in relation to various new emerging media technologies. For the first time, Digital Hollywood hosted several VR (virtual reality) companies, including NEXTVR, Sixense and Specular Theory, who showcased their impressive hardware and software. It was a clear example of where the entertainment industry is headed: Tech-centric.

My panel session titled “Video Innovation! Social Video, Personalized Video, Real-Time Video – Communication and Commerce” was held on Thursday morning with great fellow panelists – Field Garthwaite, Co-Founder and CEO of Iris.TV; Angie Behm, Director of Digital Strategy at Ant Farm; Nathan McGowan, Senior Director of Product at The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard; and Bill Newell, President of North South Studios, as the moderator.

We primarily discussed how data and technologies are innovating video in its creation, delivery and analytics. Video content is becoming more interactive to engage the millennials especially and even the Gen Z’ers, using telerobotics, interactive UGC (user-generated content), real-time creative collaboration and social media-powered interactivity. The mobile-first approach is becoming the norm when we consider video delivery because of the popularity of smartphones and the improvement of cellular networks. And Big Data is playing a major role in viewership analytics, which is directly related to content monetization.

This Digital Hollywood again confirmed the trend that Hollywood has been going digital for years, but lately, it’s picking up the speed, thanks to new emerging technologies, and how media consumers are embracing them.

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